Set Maker/Builder 

Design Brief:

There are two sets: one for the first opera The Prodigal Son; the second for the opera Passion, Poison and Petrification. They are both part of the same structure.


In the first opera, the audience just sees six flats as a backdrop with a printed landscape attached over them. The backdrop gives an idea of a folding screen. The image of the landscape has already been printed out on a photography background paper roll. Thus, the construction of the first set comprises the six flats with plywood and the fixing of the photography paper onto the flats.


For the second opera, the flats with the printed photography background will open up revealing the interior of a box - like a doll's house, dressed as a Victorian bedsit, hidden behind these flats. It means that these front flats are doubled cladded (A - F according to the technical drawings), need to be hinged and on wheels to allow the movement during the show. The interior of the bedsit comprises three walls, one door, two windows and a ceiling. The inside walls of the bedsit will be decorated with a green velvet and a printed cotton fabric, including the inside front flats (B - E). The fabrics have already been purchased but will need to be framed onto the flats built with plywood. There are two windows stage right with two flats behind it - it is the same printed landscape\flats from the Prodigal Son (A and F). The front part of the ceiling is going to be hung from the fly bar in order to shake the whole set a little bit. The other parts of the ceiling sit on the flats. The door is practical. There is a cuckoo clock that is a prop and will be manipulated by someone behind one of the front flats. We already have the materials to make the cuckoo clock.


Deadline: 29th July 2021


Please email: with a cover letter to express your interest in the role and provide a CV/Portfolio of your past experience


£2450 fee for the set builder including install

£1750 for materials

A separate transportation budget is available for the set to make its way to the venue

Click here for the PDF with the designs and technical drawings.